Logan Vath

Somewhere on the map between the rugged Front Range of Colorado and the shallow waters of the Atlantic Ocean is a small, brown dot. Split your thumb and index finger apart and the brown dot will come into focus as a curly-haired figure walks into a bar, guitar in hand. We caught him in Portsmouth, … More Logan Vath

Aaron Randolph

Once upon a time, a young boy was born into a family of musical talent in Virginia Beach. His mother played piano. His father played guitar. His sister, aunts, uncles, and cousins all sang lovely melodies and played every kind of instrument. One afternoon, the boy’s parents bought him a guitar. But the boy was … More Aaron Randolph

Philip St.

If you can spare three dollars and 50 cents, you can buy chips and salsa at the small cafe next door to the Jefferson Theater. Rummage around in your backseat for a couple more quarters and you can upgrade to the fish taco. Feeling adventurous? Take the risk and trade a Lincoln and three George’s … More Philip St.

Drew & Paige Daniels

There are rips in both knees of Drew Daniels’ black jeans. The loose threads flop as he stomps a continual beat into the sidewalk to accompany his wife’s voice. There is a beauty in the way the two interact, the pair of them beating along beside each other, emotions exposed, yet escorting one another through … More Drew & Paige Daniels

Matthew McAllister

Matthew McAllister is a builder. Not the kind who hammers two-by-fours, one after the other to create the bones of a new house. However, he does follow suit in working with his hands daily, picking strings though, rather than pounding nails. He carefully selects which words to lay like bricks, and stacks them into a … More Matthew McAllister

Madeline Laine

Earlier this summer, the youth company of Richmond’s CharacterWorks performed Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. For the kids on stage, this was a new and thrilling venture, but for former CharacterWorks actress Madeline Laine, this year’s production was but an homage to her teen years – an era yielding a number of songs, her own style, and … More Madeline Laine

Joanna Currey

If you walk through the vaulted sanctuary of the Sistine Chapel, as Joanna Currey did while visiting the Vatican City this summer, your head will participate in a kind of pivot phenomenon in which you can hardly control its necessity to look up at the elaborate ceiling. “He didn’t actually want to paint it,” Joanna … More Joanna Currey