SCS provides exposure to artists by introducing the world to the stories told through their music.

When it comes to stumbling upon two roads diverging in a yellow wood, Robert Frost offers a bit of wisdom, and we trust his advice to take the road less traveled. But what happens when you come upon two roads that meet to make a corner in a busy urban landscape? This is a place, not of indecisiveness, but of consistent neglect. It is here that Street Corner Sessions finds its purpose.

The street corner is a place of utter vulnerability, yet immense hope. The eager artist extends his heart into the public space, where individuals catch a note here or there, but rarely pause to genuinely listen to the melodic stories or look into the eyes of the artist himself.

This failure to see one another is something we, the founders of SCS, are passionate about changing, both in our own hearts and in the hearts others. We want to be people that hear the creative voices and sounds of the performers making music around us, and then spotlight those stories for the world to relate to and intimately know. Our goals are to connect with artists, hear their stories, and introduce those stories to the world through videos and spotlight interviews. In doing so, we are cultivating a community of musicians, singers, and songwriters who might collaborate with one another and illuminate dark corners of the world.

World, meet artist.

Artist, meet world.



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